Screen_Shot_2016-06-23_at_10.30.48_AMThis story starts at a Virginia horse race, Gold Cup – as do many great stories. One guest at Gold Cup left his Vineyard Vines pants behind after the festivities were over, and his friends decided to play a prank on him. The group of guys took turns wearing the pants while doing entertaining and sport-like things – back flips off docks, water skiing, rock climbing, you name it, they did it.

Screen_Shot_2016-06-23_at_10.32.12_AMSo how did this fun prank on a friend turn into a marketing strategy for a large clothing brand in America? Well, these friends realized they were on to something special by photographing what happened in these pants as the pants were passed from friend to friend and their followers on Instagram grew. They came up with the clever spin of the Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants and Vineyard Vines LOVED it!

From there, Vineyard Vines launched their entire marketing campaign around the Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants. They dressed the group of friends in the latest styles and sent them all over the world capturing amazing moments. This unique marketing campaign took off on social media, especially Instagram. Their account is already up to almost 9,000 followers!

Screen_Shot_2016-06-23_at_10.31.34_AMAs these friends were traveling, sailing, golfing, skiing, playing tennis, etc. they realized they would love to have more comfortable, stylish, active wear and this is how Rhoback, an athleisure clothing brand was born and how LMMG gained such a free-spirited, entrepreneurial client. We love hearing about unique and creative marketing campaigns, it reminds us of the importance to think outside of the box and challenge our traditional way of thinking. Check out some of the photos from their adventure and we will keep you updated on Rhoback – as this athleisure brand is scheduled to come online this year and sell to the masses.