Over the years, we have been tasked with rebranding a multitude of clients. And while each one is uniquely different, the initial first steps always remain the same. Once we’ve been briefed on the clients’ vision and key objectives, we set out to refresh the company’s identity and implement a strategic branding process. Why are we rebranding, what are the competitors doing, how can we reach the right demographic through new visual content and how can we strengthen their digital presence?

Once these questions are answered and we’ve established a game plan, our team tirelessly researches inspiration, including color palettes, fonts, website designs and any other elements that can be passed along to the creative team for reference. We love the collaborative nature behind a rebrand, working closely with our graphic designers to perfect the clients’ new look through fresh creative.

And the collaboration doesn’t stop there. Throughout the entire process, there is constant communication between strategy, copywriting, digital, social media and graphic design teams so all internal parties stay up-to- date and on the same page. Same goes for agency-client interaction, as we frequently meet to review budgets, manage expectations, set clear timelines and request feedback.

It all comes down to how effectively we can tell the company’s story. A better story generates a more engaged consumer, creating a community rather than just selling a product or service. It’s not an easy task, but with the right team of people in place, it’s not only a huge success, but a rewarding and gratifying experience for all.

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