As the dog days of Summer are in full effect, we can’t help but look forward to the impending
change of seasons. But it’s not just about the crisp, fall air, pumpkin spice lattes and football –
we begin the countdown to the Great American Living Awards.

GALA, for short, is the most prestigious residential design, sales, and marketing competition in
the D.C. Metro market. Winning an award is a true mark of distinction that your home,
community, sales and marketing efforts have not only met, but exceeded the highest standards.
Team LMMG has been fully immersed in GALA for 18 years, whether it’s submitting work for
consideration or joining the panel of judges. Not to mention, our very own Laurie Matthews has
taken on the role as GALA Chair for the second consecutive year.

Come October 5th , guests dress to impress and enjoy a night of fun and friendly competition.
But what you don’t see are the months of planning and judging leading up to the big day. The
GALA Committee welcomed a new face to the panel of judges this year – LM Marketing Group’s
Simone Woodward. She and her group were tasked with traveling across the DMV to see which
homes and communities deserved top honors.

When Simone wasn’t on the road, she was meeting with peers to review marketing collateral
that had been submitted. From brochures to videos and print ads, it’s imperative to look at
each submission with an unbiased opinion and clear understanding of the buyer profile. This is
no task for just one, niche group in the industry, but an esteemed collection of architects,
homebuilders, advertising agency employees and more to facilitate a well-rounded ruling on
each entry. A job that is not meant to be taken lightly, but also intended to be fun, unique and

Look out for our post-GALA recap in October, as we highlight the most memorable moments
and reveal the list of winners!