FoundingFathers3Founding Farmers, an extremely popular DC restaurant recently received a completely negative review (zero stars) from the Washington Post’s food critic, Tom Sietsema, calling into question the atmosphere, food, and service. And, based on what is trending, many in the area agree.

Receiving a truly negative review could be the beginning of the end for a restaurant or chef – even for a well-known and well-liked restaurant such as Founding Farmers. Remember the deliciously entertaining movie, Chef, where the chef’s meltdown goes viral after a negative review and he gets fired? I personally loved that movie – hilarious – a must see! But, I digress. Knowing how to handle a review of this nature, and even turn it into an opportunity for their own revival, is the difference between success and failure.

FoundingFathers1We believe Founding Farmers has a great opportunity to turn this around with a positive PR push – creating their own unique buzz and continuing to appeal to the masses who love the trendy farm-to-table experience. And, we loved seeing that Founding Farmers immediately went to social media and responded back to this review – receiving over 500 likes and over 50 shares on Facebook.

Just last month, we ate there for an LMMG team lunch – and though we found the restaurant design to be uninspiring – we thought the waiter was spot on, we enjoyed their flatbreads and we agree, the beverages were delicious too. Perhaps next time we will try the Sazerac!