Our experienced, creative team at LM Marketing Group has produced some of the most compelling and breathtaking spaces. Our mission is to provide prospective buyers with an extraordinary experience as they walk through the door – to elicit a feeling of comfort, trust and of course, beauty. What’s just as essential are the display designs, which showcase valuable information, like floorplans, photography, location maps and lifestyle videos. Everything the buyer wants to know, presented in a clear and visually appealing way.

And how does LMMG execute all of these elements so successfully? Rewind to the construction process, even before the dry wall is installed. We take a very hands-on approach with our clients, fully dedicated to their wants and wishes for the Sales Center, as it pertains to staff and visitors. After a lot of careful listening, measuring, collaborating and sketching, we take our ideas on paper and transform them into the real thing. We develop a lighting and electrical plan to complement our designs and pick out top quality materials and furniture. Meticulously and thoughtfully constructed from start to finish. And the final product? A gorgeous Sales Center, happy clients and buyers who quickly change from future to present homeowners.