Southern Tots is an online-only retailer specializing in the smocked and appliqued so popular among the parents of, well, southern tots. Based in Evans, Georgia, the company discarded the traditional brick-and-mortar retail in favor of a Facebook page and e-commerce website. Their hook? Daily flash sales on new selections of products that ensure core customers return on a regular basis.

We also produced 30 second spots in specific test markets, with the goal of building business and collecting meaningful data on traditional media’s impact with this very non-traditional customer base.


While social media was working like gangbusters for the Tots, their website never quite caught fire. The majority of sales were filtering through the Facebook page, which boasted an impressive 600,000 followers, while traditional web sales remained fairly anemic. Southern Tots was unsure that trend could be reversed, so we accepted the challenge. We felt a refreshed (and far more intuitive) web presence – combined with some specific marketing methods – would have products flying off the virtual shelves.



We started with the site. By placing products front and center, customers engaged immediately in a way they hadn’t before. Coupled with a fine-tuned social media and SEO strategy to bolster traffic, we felt the preferred method of purchase would shift to the Southern Tots website. Next, an aggressive PR push with packages containing samples, personalized picture frames, and specially-produced books about Southern Tots were delivered to select publishers, television producers, and demographically-desirable websites. The goal – to transform Southern Tots from a successful regional business to a true national player via cross-media coverage.

Sales on the revamped Southern Tots website equaled those on Facebook within 4 months – and then surpassed them, without a drop in social media traffic. The bottom line? Southern Tots more than doubled its total sales within six months.