Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or, that ever-growing pile of clothes that has somehow
become your bedroom floor – you’ve likely heard about the Marie Kondo method of “tidying
up.” Within the Japanese organization maven’s methodology, subscribers use one guiding
philosophy; if it doesn’t “spark joy,” it doesn’t have a place in your home.

Within Kondo’s Netflix series, the “KonMari method” is put to the test within the homes of six
American families – many of whom are grappling with big life transitions and limited square
footage – during which the viewer gets to see how Kondo’s method works in “real life,”
completed by a series of extremely satisfying before and after pictures. Ultimately, we see
there’s a reason Marie Kondo has become the central inspiration behind New Years resolutions
nationwide, and how a simple change in mindset can change one’s whole world (or, maybe just
their living room.)

So, how can we take the KonMari mindset and apply it to business? How can “tidying up” parts
of your digital marketing strategy make room for big results? And how are your campaigns
sparking joy within your consumer base?

At LMMG, we work with companies to develop marketing strategies centered around
consistency, aesthetic, and ultimately profits. From refining the messaging that goes out to
potential customers to leveraging the data and feedback gained from current ones, we’re able
to clear the clutter and target your base more efficiently and effectively.

What areas of your business could use some tidying? Apart from that back closet with files from
the late 90’s (sorry, can’t help you with that), is there a part of your brand that could use some
TLC? Perhaps it’s an inconsistent presence on social media, or imagery that doesn’t align with
the interests of your ideal clientele. Maybe it’s a hard-to-navigate website that isn’t designed to
drive sales or leads. Whatever is holding you back, let LMMG reorganize and reassess, ensuring
that the best part of your brand shine through.

Are you ready to create a marketing strategy that sparks joy? Get in touch with us here, and
let’s get started on your best year yet.